CORREGGIO, ITALY — Italian charcuterie company, Veroni, based in Emilia-Romagna has announced the release of its Spring Charcuterie Board along with a video tutorial on styling to celebrate the new season in a creative way as part of the social-media campaign “Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch!”

The company aims to show charcuterie enthusiasts how to style a spring version of a charcuterie board. Veroni said the five themed Italian-style cutting boards are suitable for many different occasions including an “aperitivo” designed for pro charcuterie board makers, playing on the artistic and chromatic pairing with cheese, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits to create designs and geometric shapes.

The video tutorial, titled “Springtime,” is also ideal for completing the Easter table and was designed to show the ABCs of charcuterie boards and to suggest inventive ideas for menus to share with friends and family.

The Spring Charcuterie board’s instructions include simple and preparation-friendly tips:

  • Set the ingredients up
  • Roll up the salame slices and create the flower you prefer by using a simple glass
  • Fold the mortadella and arrange it around Veroni salame
  • Add the prosciutto cotto (ham)
  • Match the salami with fresh cheese and sprinkle it with chives
  • Add the mortadella sushi, an inviting roll with mortadella, creamy cheese and zucchini sliced instead of seaweed
  • Garnish with crudités of assorted vegetables and fresh fruit

The multichannel social-media campaign is available on both the company’s US social media and Italian accounts, from Instagram to Facebook, via Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube, and finally on the company’s websites.