NASHVILLE — Bord Bia – the Irish Food Board has continued its campaign, “European beef and lamb – Ireland, working with nature,” in Nashville as an exhibitor at the Annual Meat Conference, March 17-20. Bord Bia said promoting its products at this year’s event was bolstered by the fact that the first day just happened to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations taking place across the United States.

“We are excited to exhibit at AMC once again this year, as it is the leading conference for the meat industry in the US,” said Henry Horkan, director, North America, Bord Bia. “Following St. Patrick’s Day and the momentum surrounding Irish food and culture, we were able to share the larger story of European beef from Ireland and what makes it different, in terms of safety, quality and sustainability. Global reach is important for attracting future customers and for the long-term development of the food and drink industry. Communicating the quality, safety and sustainability of European beef from Ireland is what opens doors for us in international markets.”

Bord Bia connected with trading partners and experts from all facets of the meat retail industry during the conference.

The agency noted that the European Union produces 7.5 million tonnes of beef annually. Ireland alone exports over 500,000 tonnes every year, making it the second largest net exporter of beef in the northern hemisphere, according to data from IHS Markit.

No growth hormones are allowed in livestock produced in the European Union. Ireland implements strict laws in relation to quality assurance, traceability, animal welfare and sustainability, Bord Bia said.

Thanks to the high EU safety and production standards, Irish beef can be verified under the US Department of Agriculture’s Process Verified Program that assures US consumers of consistent quality against eight approved claims: Irish Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Beef, From Certified Sustainability Scheme, Raised on Family Farms, Raised Without Use of Growth Hormones, Responsible Use of Antibiotics, Full Farm to Fork Traceability and Certified Quality Assured Farms.