SALINAS, CALIF. — Under its Andy Boy brand, D'Arrigo California has launched a new premium product, baby gem lettuce.

D'Arrigo California described the new lettuce as a seamless blend of the best parts of romaine and butter lettuces, “presenting the perfect combination of a dense and crunchy texture with a sweet and buttery taste.”

“Distinguished by its compact size and sweet taste, baby gem lettuce is a versatile ingredient suitable for a variety of culinary creations,” the company said. “D'Arrigo California has conducted extensive research and gathered feedback from culinary experts and home chefs, highlighting the remarkable versatility of baby gems. Make them into a wedge, grill them to perfection, or finely chop them up into a salad or slaw. The leaves are perfectly sized, ideal for topping burgers and sandwiches or creating lettuce boats. The possibilities are truly endless!

D'Arrigo California also said the baby gem lettuce is distinct enough on its own that it is meant to be a complement to romaine and butter lettuces in recipes, not a replacement.

“This new addition to our product lineup reinforces our dedication to providing innovative, high-quality products,” said John D'Arrigo, president, CEO, and chairman of the board. “The baby gem line has been developed to be a solution for both our retail and foodservice sectors.”

The company said it has prioritized resiliency and reliability through the supply chain challenges the food industry has faced.

"In a dynamic industry, our focus is on consistency and reliability,” D'Arrigo said. “In alignment with the other Andy Boy programs we offer, baby gem lettuce provides businesses a continuous supply of fresh produce with consistent quality, timely deliveries, and the ability to meet demand. We are excited to enter a new segment, allowing us to introduce our Andy Boy Baby Gem to both existing and new consumers.”

Andy Boy Baby Gem Lettuce is now shipping nationwide in 2-count, 3-count, and 42-count liner pack sizes.