Grocery retailers and their supplier partners continue to ramp up their corporate responsibility programs to support the health of people and the planet.

The GIANT Company’s corporate responsibility program focuses on creating a better future for the communities the company serves, said Jessica Groves, GIANT’s community impact manager.

“The grocery store is a central piece of our neighbors’ lives, from weekly shopping trips to the last-minute grabs,” she said. “We understand the important role we play and feel a strong responsibility to be a good neighbor.”

GIANT’s current corporate responsibility program falls under three main goals: Eliminating Hunger, Changing Childrens Lives, and Healing Our Planet.

Eliminating Hunger is driven by GIANT’s belief that no one should go hungry, Groves said. The retailer works with regional and local hunger relief partners like food banks, food pantries, and public-school districts to eliminate hunger in the communities it serves.

Targeted efforts include partnership between each of its stores and distribution centers for food donations, GIANT’s Meat the Needs and Day-Old Bread programs and targeted efforts during the back-to-school season and Hunger Action Month.

To support its Changing Childrens Lives program, GIANT starts with the belief that all children deserve the chance to live healthy, joyful lives, Groves said.

That starts with good food and a healthy planet, Groves said. But as long as there are children fighting illness, she added, there’s more work to do. “We partner with non-profit organizations who are leading the charge to eradicate childhood illness and those fighting for the wellness of all children,” she said. “We work with our children’s hospitals, nutrition education programs, and local public schools to help ensure children have what they need to be happy and healthy.”

Over the last few years, GIANT has continued to refine its efforts to all  areas of focus, Groves said.

She’s particularly proud of the retailer’s efforts addressing hunger. GIANT has donated millions of dollars and millions of pounds of food through in-store programming, supplier partner support, and our incredibly generous customer round up donations to support hunger efforts in every community it serves.

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Corporate Responsibility feature and more in the digital edition here.