LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — Vegetable grower Ark Foods is celebrating its first harvest at its new R&D greenhouse in the North Fork region of Long Island.

Ark Foods said that with this new R&D greenhouse, it will be able to offer consumers new, affordable, high-quality and exploratory vegetable varieties.

“Our mission at Ark Foods has always centered around a deep dedication to farming, and part of that commitment extends into the curiosity of exploring beyond conventional growing practices,” said Noah Robbins, CEO and founder of Ark Foods. “The art of farming involves experimentation, which is key to diversifying the traditional farming models found in big outdoor agriculture. We are drawn to both the sustainability benefits of indoor ag and the canvas it offers us to grow awesome new varieties of veggies.”

One of the first new vegetables Ark Foods trialed is a Habanada Pepper, created by Cornell + Michael Mazourek.

The company says this pepper retains the floral taste of a Habanero pepper without being spicy.

Ark Foods is also working on new heirloom tomato varieties to possibly add to its Mini Heirloom medley products.

“The allure of a controlled environment lies in its untapped potential and the platform it provides for experimenting with new technologies and sustainable farming practices,” Robbins said.

Other novelty vegetables the company has trialed are Cucamelon — an almond-sized snackable cucumber — and Aji Dulce peppers, which Ark Foods said are famed for their sweet and fruity flavor.

“Our commitment to research and development knows no bounds,” Robbins said. “We are on a relentless pursuit to bring new flavors that will captivate consumers and bring joy to their meals. We are driven by a mission of accessibility, ensuring everyone can savor and enjoy these exceptional vegetables at an affordable price point.”