The appeal of the daily sweet treat. 

Americans have long had a sweet spot for sweets. As our world puts a greater emphasis on mental health and wellness, bakery customers have increasingly changed their perceptions of sweet goods. Enjoying a confection every day has become much more acceptable. 

Gone is the guilt. Today, a daily indulgent sweet treat represents an important “feel good”—an essential part of a balanced lifestyle.

The challenge for in-store bakeries?  Offering treats that give customers a delicious, high-quality, multi-sensorial experience. 

When introducing new concepts, food retailers are encouraged to appeal to consumers’ growing acceptance and desire for their daily sweet treats—with desirable, individual serving-size and mini-format options.

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Donuts remain a favorite.

It’s no secret that donuts continue to grow in popularity. In fact, this once for-breakfast-only treat has grown more than 120% in the last 10 years*. This “not-just for breakfast anymore” mindset presents in-store bakeries with the perfect opportunity to expand case assortment and stimulate more purchases.

Don’t forgo the LTO. 

Limited Time Offers (LTOs) are a proven tactic for boosting impulse purchases, creating repeat sales and driving interest with the flavors consumers prefer. Consider that 63% of consumer LTO purchases were impulse buys*, driven by a desire to try new foods and food experiences.

Seasonal flavors provide an excellent opportunity for creating new LTO options. The majority of consumers report being very interested in seasonal flavors. Adding new flavor varieties seasonally can help make an in-store bakery a donut destination. 

Source: Dawn Foods

Spice up sales with gingerbread.

To help in-store bakery customers stimulate more sales for the holiday season, Dawn Foods has recently launched its new Majestic® Gingerbread Cake Donut Mix. With its blend of warming spices like clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, gingerbread is an emerging flavor perfectly suited for seasonal LTOs. 

Like all of Dawn Foods’ cake donut mix products, this new mix is designed with labor savings in mind. The bakers simply mix it with water, fry and decorate.

A partner in bakery success.

With more than 100 years of helping bakeries grow their businesses, Dawn has a full product portfolio—including everything from boxes to sprinkles—to help in-store bakeries efficiently enhance their offerings and drive impulse purchases year-round.

To learn more about time-saving, great-tasting products from Dawn—or any of their product solutions—click here.

*Datassential Menu Trends SNAP food profile 2023

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A partner for in-store bakery success

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