WeighPack, a Paxiom Group company, introduced two packaging machines to automate the bulk bagging process. The BI 600 automatic bag inserter and BU 600 automatic bag uncuffer are used as replacements for the manual insertion of bags into cases and the manual uncuffing and sealing of those bags prior to case closure. These units fit into a bulk bag filling line with a case erector, bulk weigh filler and case sealer, completing an automated system that forms, fills and seals cases, trays and bins and the bulk-sized bags within them.

“Our family of bag inserting and uncuffing automation completes our portfolio of end-to-end turnkey systems, providing our customers one source for total responsibility,” said Nicholas Taraborelli, vice president at Paxiom.

The BI 600 bag inserter dispenses film on a roll, cuts, seals and then inserts the bag into an erected case. Once the product is weighed and filled, the case passes to the BU 600 bag uncuffer. The bag is then uncuffed from the case and folded over the product before the box is conveyed to the next phase of the packaging process.