OXNARD, CALIF. – Colombian Haas avocado season has begun for Westfalia Fruit, and supply will be available through the end of spring 2023. 

Westfalia planted its first avocado orchard in 2015 and has since grown into an industry leader, handling the entire process from growing the avocados to distribution. 

Westfalia’s Hass avocados are grown in the Sonsón region of Colombia. The Colombian climate is ideal for sustainably growing avocados, as the sufficient rainfall prevents any need for irrigation systems or additional water from outside the region. 

This allows Westfalia to keep avocado sizes and quality consistent through the entire season. 

“The nurturing growing conditions, steep terrain and beautiful soils are what make growing in Colombia so unique,” said Duncan Smith, technical manager at Westfalia Fruit. “The naturally vigorous growth and good bearing ability of the trees is promoted by the excellent growing conditions and good rains each year.” 

Westfalia prioritizes sustainability, food safety and quality by investing in rigorous management systems, state-of-the-art packhouses and storage facilities, and clonal rootstock technology in Colombia. 

“Colombia is an exciting cultivation region for Westfalia,” said David Fausset, business development director. “We have created a world class integrated supply chain, and we are thrilled to offer this quality fruit program as a commercial advantage to our customers.”