In the first quarter of 2014 customers of Lantmännen Unibake USA, an industry leader in quality artisan bread, rolls and bake-off pastries, will see some positive changes from a global, strategic restructuring effort. Among other changes, they will see a superior croissant with improved size and texture, thanks to an enhanced proofing process that delivers a larger, flakier croissant at the same unit weight as before.

A streamlining of the Lantmännen Unibake brand structure will bring all pastries, including the new improved croissant, under the Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand as the Pastridor brand name for the croissants is retired.  All breads and rolls will continue under the Euro-Bake brand.  Both brand logos have been revised graphically to reflect this new customer-focused brand strategy.

For details contact your Unibake USA sales partner or call the Unibake USA customer service team at (630) 963-4781.