LOS ANGELES – Fusion, a leader in business-to-business retail, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

 Fusion’s unique methodology leverages the true power of retail marketing to help clients uncover growth opportunities and solutions for their unique business needs, according to the company.

 “Working with fact-based information and data – and combining it with marketing has come a long way since Fusion’s doors first opened 25 years ago,” said Steven Muro, Fusion’s founder and president. "We believe that by combining the science and art of marketing with strong client relationships, you can develop successful clients, programs and campaigns. I am proud of the pivotal role Fusion has played in introducing fact-based information and marketing to the industry.”

 Established in 1997, Fusion quickly identified the lack of coordination between sales and marketing departments within companies. Recognizing this opportunity, the company set out to fuse client’s sales and marketing teams by using data to drive sales and marketing initiatives and strategies. 

While the goal of many companies in the market is to gain as many clients as possible, Fusion's goal is to work with a select group of clients and become immersed. In fact, one of Fusion's original clients from 25 years ago is still their client today. From building a strategy to attending its clients' board and staff meetings to working with sales and marketing teams, Fusion is thoroughly entrenched in its clients' business. The company houses a research, marketing, creative, and executive team to successfully execute these functions.