Chocolate, cherries, strawberries, and much more are secret ingredients to success in your cake business, with all-important spring holidays like Mother’s Day approaching quickly on the horizon.

Colorful and delicious toppings can elevate your bakery selections from common cakes to fantastic favorites.

Since COVID-19, comfort food has become more important to consumers. Confectionery can support emotional well-being now, and in the "next normal." Whether consumers are seeking comfort, finding moments to celebrate, or looking for ways to escape the ordinary, chocolate has a role to play in those occasions.

55% of global consumers agree that chocolates with multiple flavors and textures are more premium, according to an industry study.

Strawberry health benefits

California Strawberries is set to amplify strawberries and their many health benefits via the new year-long, consumer-focused campaign “Love, Strawberries.” Inspired by the love and the care the heart-healthy berry provides, “Love, Strawberries” is an ode to California strawberries and the hardworking farmers and farm workers behind the berry.

Coming in fresh with a new social identity, the campaign will infuse ‘Love, Strawberries’ across their social channels and key moments in the year that will elevate versatile ways to celebrate and experience the heart-shaped fruit beyond traditional uses. From partnerships to activations, the program will take consumers on a behind-the-scenes journey and will feature the stories of the people who grow and harvest the berries.

The “Love, Strawberries” campaign is designed to tap into and celebrate the love that consumers have for this vibrant, sweet and juicy berry, and the millions of ways people enjoy them every day,” said Chris Christian, Senior Vice President of the California Strawberry Commission. “It will also connect consumers to the farm and illustrate the extraordinary care that goes into growing California strawberries."

In support of the ‘Love, Strawberries’ campaign, California Strawberries will hold its first ever song contest in search of a one-of-a-kind jingle for the brand. Beginning April 1, 2022, strawberry enthusiasts will have a chance to be part of the process and enter their own jingles for a cash prize of $10,000 and a paid round-trip to California.

Throughout the year, California Strawberries will continue to orchestrate moments, both in-person and across the @castrawberries social media platforms, to deliver fun and engaging programs that educate and underscore strawberries' nutritional health benefits.