KANSAS CITY, MO. – As someone who is hands-on with regenerative agriculture in South Carolina, Jeff Siewicki of Vital Mission Farms is anxious to share his experiences on a small farm in the low country. 

In the last few years, Siewicki has learned how to adapt to the land with his poultry farm and, at the same time, continue to build up his name as a sustainable farmer in the Charleston area.

During this week’s MEAT+POULTRY podcast, Siewicki describes how he started with pasteurized poultry and how he maintains the poultry he raises now.

Siewicki later explains his options for processing his turkey and duck products in his area as he primarily services regional restaurants and customers.  

Later, Siewicki describes how he needed to find different ways to sell his product during the COVID-19 pandemic after the restaurant business changed in Charleston, where he sold a majority of his poultry.  

Another topic tackled during the discussion was Siewicki’s online course, where he teaches others how to scale a small poultry farm. 

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