What’s a barbecue without the buns?

Paul Baker, founder of Manchester, England-based St Pierre Bakery, the No. 1 brioche brand in the United States, noted the pandemic has been instrumental in strengthening the consumer trend for premiumization and brioche is a simple way to elevate everyday meals—especially when it comes to a cookout.

After all, the ambient buns category is worth $2.8 billion to the American grocery sector, he said, and it’s growing year-on-year and as a sub-sector.

“Brioche buns are driving this growth by 29%,” Baker said. “Savvy retailers will take note of where growth is coming from and ensure that their shelves offer multiple spaces to the products driving sales.”

St. Pierre’s best-selling product is a four pack of Brioche Burger Buns, but it will soon be launching a six pack.

“Our approach to customization, in collaboration with retailers, means that we’re also making an eight-count available as well as our regular four-count pack of our Brioche Hot Dog Rolls available,” Baker said. “Last year, we also launched Seeded Brioche Burger Buns and they will no doubt bolster sales this grilling season.”

The company is creating new displays for this grilling season, as well, specifically for cross-merchandising with meats.

“The St Pierre knee-knockers will ensure that brioche is front of mind with shoppers when searching for something a little more special for their cookout,” Baker said. “Also coming this year, to support retailers during grilling season, we are investing in pre-packed shippers. These are designed to display our core grilling range, driving maximum exposure for the brand in the most simple way for the retailer.”