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While supply chain constraints are making business difficult for baking companies and their suppliers, at the end of the day, consumers are paying higher prices and not getting the variety they’re used to. And in the case of companies pivoting ingredients, they might run into a lower quality product than they’re used to.

“This was a rippling effect in the food industry and it affected everyone from the plants to the suppliers to the packaging suppliers and the end result is the ones who pay the most are the end consumers,” said Jesse Leal, food safety professional for AIB International and Pro Tip columnist for Baking & Snack, in this episode of Since Sliced Bread.

As baking companies adapt to new ingredients and suppliers to make up for missing ingredients, some critical pieces might fall through the cracks. These could be food safety, quality or regulatory considerations. Testing new ingredients and vetting suppliers takes time, time that baking companies may not feel they have. But when cutting corners, bakers can miss important details.

“When you don’t have that time, you’re playing Russian roulette with the products,” Mr. Leal explained. “You don’t know if the shelf life standards or quality standards are going to be met.”

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to learn more about the questions bakers need to be asking as they navigate secondary and even tertiary ingredient suppliers.

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