The content wars have begun, and brands are vying for every second of screen time consumers spend on their phones. Healthy veggie marketing is no exception to the rule; in fact, greenhouse vegetable grower Pure Flavor® is a leader in content marketing that is helping to connect consumers’ emotionally with healthy products that can help people Live Deliciously® 365 days a year.

Behind the Pure Flavor® brand is a well-oiled content machine that churns out a never-ending torrent of relevant, emotionally driven blogs, newsletters, lifestyle videos and imagery, recipes, social posts, and even the quarterly Live Deliciously® eMagazine.

Between the Strategic Marketing Team’s content creators and a wide network of influencers from across North America, there is a large volume of content being produced every day – but the most important part of the brand’s winning content strategy is all about how they develop specific, targeted content that is relevant to their many audiences’ interests.


Creating content is simple; creating relevant and engaging content is trickier. According to Chief Marketing Officer Chris Veillon, that’s where the data comes in.

“Our content is 100% informed by the latest industry research and first party data that we collect about consumer preferences,” explained Veillon. “We are invested in understanding our consumers’ tastes & interests, pain points, and needs so that we can deliver the right content at the right time to the right people. That’s why our content strategy is so effective.”

FMI’s 2021 Power of Produce report indicates that the next generation of grocery shoppers – Gen Z, up to 24 years old – are seeking out organic and greenhouse grown labelled products equally. In fact, 33% of Gen Z shoppers want their retailer to carry more organic and more greenhouse grown products. Additionally, consumer data collected during Pure Flavor’s® #LoveForFresh campaign showed that over 80% of consumers had purchased organic produce in the past month, but those most likely to purchase more often did so because it was perceived as healthier and more environmentally friendly.

To respond to this trend, Pure Flavor® created a digital educational program to inform consumers on the sustainable benefits of greenhouse growing. Plus, they launched a new Organics page filled with delicious and healthy all-organic recipes to show off their robust lineup of organic greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

Then, the brand did what it does best and developed a variety of new content to help consumers emotionally understand the value of sustainable greenhouse growing. A video that goes behind-the-scenes in their growing operations, lifestyle blogs about mindful eating, a section in the Live Deliciously® eMagazine about sustainability, newsletters, all-organic recipes, and more all stemmed from that initial data insight.


Likewise, the launch of the brand’s latest sensational product Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, was powered by insights that showed a strong demand for a sweeter snacking tomato among two distinct groups: families with children at home and foodies or at-home chefs. With the help of influencers and professional chefs across North America, Pure Flavor® developed content that connected with these segments.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Pure Flavor® has continued to demonstrate its commitment to leading the produce industry in content that connects with individual consumers, helping drive people to retail.

Tiffany Sabelli, Pure Flavor®’s Director of Sales, says retailers are in tune with the brand’s strategy to connect with consumers using the latest digital capabilities, including geo-targeted ads that direct consumers to their nearest retailer to find Pure Flavor® products.


“We are the next generation of vegetable growers – in more ways than one. From our state-of-the-art growing technology to our data-driven approach to consumer marketing, we’re leveraging the latest tech to grow produce consumption across North America and support our retail partners,” said Sabelli. “We’re able to share with each of our partners the impact we’re having as a vertically-integrated grower marketer that does more than just grow vegetables, but also has a strong brand presence and consumer-centric strategy.”

Scroll through Pure Flavor’s® social media feeds and you can bet that there is a strategic data point behind every post. From seasonal search trends to consumer surveys and industry sales data, the team constantly monitors to decide what posts are most relevant to which consumer segments.

Matt Mastronardi, Pure Flavor®’s Executive Vice-President, shared that the brand is encouraging retailers to get ahead of emerging growth trends like the slow shift towards more snacking veggie consumption – particularly with organic snacking items. In the #LoveForFresh campaign, for example, 85% of consumers said convenience in a healthy snacking option is important to them, but less than half reported that it was easy to find convenient on-the-go options at their local retailer.


“Consumers are snacking more often and are shifting purchasing habits from staple items towards specialty items like our Craft House® Collection lineup, snacking items like our Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes, and organic snacks like Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers”, said Mastronardi. “When we identify new areas of potential growth and have the data to back it up, we want to make sure our retail partners are always at the leading edge of the latest trends. From there, we are able to support retailers with strategic promotions and advertising campaigns.”

This year, Pure Flavor® shows no signs of slowing down its content strategy with new products, hundreds of recipes, blogs, eMagazines, and more on the horizon.

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