There are vegetable growers, and then there’s Pure Flavor®: a lifestyle brand that fuels healthy lives and encourages families to Live Deliciously® by enjoying the best, fresh greenhouse-grown vegetables year-round.

Pure Flavor® is a brand that sells much more than a product on a shelf. When consumers seek out the blue logo in the produce aisle, they’re seeking out an experience. 

For nearly twenty years, the brand has been building that experience and amassing a dedicated following of veggie lovers across North America. Since 2003, Pure Flavor® has earned a reputation for providing fresh flavor and consistent quality year-round.

According to Jamie Moracci, Co-Founder & President, that reputation has meant a surge in demand for Pure Flavor® vegetables.

“Every single day of the year, no matter the season, consumers across North America know they can count on Pure Flavor® for their family’s healthy vegetable needs,” said Moracci. “We’ve worked hard to develop strong relationships with our consumers and retail partners, and that’s translated to a tremendous demand for our tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.”

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer Jeff Moracci added that the company’s recent expansions, tripling their acreage at the company’s home farm in Canada, are a direct result of the growing demand for that consistent, fresh experience consumers have come to expect.


“We’re investing heavily in scaling up our acreage here in Leamington because consumers have shown us that they want more high-quality fresh vegetables year-round,” said Moracci. “As a leading greenhouse grower with the latest innovative technology, we’re in a unique position to meet that demand.”

Technology is essential to continue building Pure Flavor’s® stature as an industry-leading lifestyle brand. The experience consumers seek has its roots, quite literally, in the greenhouse.

A walk through the recently completed Phase III greenhouse in Leamington, Ontario reveals all that separates Pure Flavor® from the pack: supplemental lighting, sustainable drip irrigation, driverless carts full of picked veggies, and more. Looking up at the tall vines full of vibrant color, you can only then begin to appreciate the immense scale at which the brand is growing. 

Matt Mastronardi, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President said that the experience goes far beyond the quality and consistency the brand guarantees in all four seasons. Variety plays an important role in the brand’s success.

“Consumers are always looking for more – more colors, more flavors, and more opportunities to share great food with family and friends,” he said. “We continue to search for new varieties that can offer consumers a taste of something unique that will stop them in their tracks and change their perception of what a simple veggie can be.”

A quick scroll through Pure Flavor’s® social media or website reveals a colorful palette of products of all types and for every occasion. There are the staples like Tomatoes on-the-Vine and Long English Cucumbers, but also seven unique snacking tomatoes, an assortment of cucumbers in all different sizes, and a variety of delicious peppers – plus organic options in each of those categories. 

The latest two products to join the roster have generated considerable media buzz and attention from consumers. Each responds to a different consumer pain point in their respective categories.

Uno Bites™ Nano Cucumbers are super small crunchy cucumbers that kids, as young as toddlers, can snack on by the handful. At the park, in class, or on the sidelines at soccer practice, families can enjoy their refreshingly crisp flavor, all in a convenient resealable pack.

Recognizing the demand for a new kind of snacking tomato that revitalizes the category and changes consumers' perceptions of what a healthy veggie can be, Pure Flavor® developed Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes. These exceptionally sweet snacking tomatoes have a one-of-a-kind fruity flavor that, from the very first taste, can put a smile on any child’s face.


This year, Pure Flavor® received five awards, two of which were awarded to Cloud 9® Tomatoes. One of the world’s leading sensory testing organizations of executive chefs awarded the ChefsBest® Excellence Award and the International Taste Institute awarded them the 2021 Superior Taste Award. In late summer, Pure Flavor® was presented with the Category Leadership Award for Tomatoes by Grocery Insights. This fall, Pure Flavor® won both the Sustainable Produce Summit’s first Marketing Award for Best Website and the Produce Business Magazine’s 2021 Marketing Excellence Award for the brands #LoveForFresh Consumer Marketing Campaign to increase fresh produce consumption.

This level of prestige demonstrates how the entire Pure Flavor® brand continues to strive to win over the tastebuds of foodies around the world.

Chief Marketing Officer Chris Veillon explained that the awards are a recognition of the brand’s strategic lifestyle-focused approach.

“Everything we do is laser-focused on helping families feel good about the healthy food they eat,” said Veillon. “Families work hard to provide the best, nutritious, and flavorful food to their families. They deserve to Live Deliciously®.”

“From our state-of-the-art greenhouses strategically located throughout North America, to our sustainable packaging, to the vast digital content and recipes we share with our subscribers and social media followers – everything comes back to that mission to help families Live Deliciously®. It’s the beginning, middle, and end of the brand,” he added. “That’s why we’ve enjoyed such success in the past year and why we’re continuing to expand and grow – because we’re connecting with consumers and helping them meet their lifestyle goals.”

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