VENTURA, CALIF. — FreshRealm has launched Kitchen Table, the company’s first branded line of fresh, quality meal offerings that addresses consumer demand for fresh meals at grocery retail. The new brand will allow retailers to bring a complete assortment of chef-tested fresh meals to their consumers in a few short months.  

The Kitchen Table brand is closely tied to FreshRealm’s belief that people “connect through meals” and centered around a view that food brings people and communities closer together.  

“People have enjoyed the experience of being at home and being in their kitchens, but are also experiencing meal preparation fatigue. Kitchen Table offers them the chance to elevate the meal experience they may have grown tired of,” said Nicole Desir, FreshRealm executive vice president of brand & communications. “Gathering around the table over delicious food is an experience for the everyday, not to be reserved for special occasions.” 

The new line of oven, stovetop, microwave and slow-cooker ready meals includes a diverse variety of Italian, Asian, Global and classic cuisines in over 50 complete meal options. With ready-to-cook meals prepared in about 20 minutes, and ready-to-heat options in three minutes, the brand takes on the planning and prep so that meals become effortless.  

FreshRealm, and the Kitchen Table brand, are uniquely positioned to help retailers address consumers’ evolving behaviors and understanding of the foundational role fresh food has in our lives,” said Desir. “What’s more, meal destinations provide retailers with the opportunity to drive an emotional connection with shoppers by creating a vibrant and simplified shopping experience through high-quality meals and a warm and inclusive brand you can trust.”