IRON RIDGE, WIS. — PS Seasoning has debuted a flight of beer-infused gourmet mustards that are sold in both instore delis and center-store. With a twist on the traditional condiment, the new mustards are made in small batches with gourmet flavor profiles that range from dill and lavender to hot honey and jalapeno.  

“Nothing goes together better than sausage, mustard and beer,” said Ryan Johnson, director of sales and marketing. “Our company is deeply rooted in sausage making and the beer-infused flavors are the perfect pairing with bratwurst and other deli counter offerings.”  

Usage of the new mustards isn’t limited to spreading on a bun, the condiments also serve as multi-purpose cooking sauces, dips, dressings and more.  

With the rise of at-home eating, specialty condiments have become go-tos for consumers looking to change up their meals, with category growth up 6% since 2020 versus just 3.9% in the previous five years. Multi-use sauces are also continuing to rise into 2022. Tapping into the growth of this specialty category, the company is pairing the well-loved condiment with specialty ingredients that are familiar, yet elevated. 

“Condiments are a great gateway to experiment with familiar and unexpected flavors,” said Stephanie Neu, R&D manager. “Hot honey and alcohol are both top flavor profiles for 2021, and we’re seeing a major rise in the use of lavender and dill flavors in unexpected ways.”  

Mustards include:  

  • Bier Hall Bavarian Ale MustardRaise a glass and strap on lederhosen, this Bavarian ale-infused stone-ground mustard is zippier than an oompah band.  

  • Big Dill Pale Ale Mustard - Oh snap! Customers will relish this tangy combination of dill, tangy mustard and a hint of lavender. 

  • Brew City Jalapeno Ale Mustard - Roll out the barrel! From the ballpark to the Biergarten, this mustard is all about the party. With rich golden German ale blended with spicy jalapenos and brown mustard, this craft mustard is brew-tastic. 

  • Buzzed Hot Honey Ale Mustard - The whole hive will make a beeline for this sweet and spicy ale-infused mustard. 

The mustards are available for individual purchase at and in independent retailers across the US.  

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