FOREST GROVE, ORE. – Old Trapper Smoked Products has updated its beef stick packaging to give retailers more merchandising options with a gusseted bag. 

Old Trapper’s 15-ounce beef sticks in Original, Jalapeno, and Teriyaki flavors will be available in the state-of-the-art packaging format. The new gusseted bag allows retail partners to hang Old Trapper products on pegs or display packages standing on shelves. Additionally, the stick size in the reformatted 15-ounce beef stick bags has been changed to a perfectly snackable size.  

“As leaders in the meat snack category, we are always looking for new and exciting formats to present our products,” said Robert Leary, director of marketing of Old Trapper. “Just as we pioneered clear packaging to show consumers the product quality and quantity that they are receiving in each bag, we are now introducing new display options and a perfectly snackable reformatted stick size to provide a product that is versatile on the shelf and visually appealing to consumers. People everywhere who love our jerky are part of the Old Trapper family, and we are committed to evolving continually to meet their needs.” 

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