BEDFORD PARK, ILL. – Raymundo’s Food Group is expanding its product line of Hispanic desserts to include Small Batch Flan and Rice Pudding. 

A leader in refrigerated desserts, Raymundo’s Small Batch is a new hand-crafted line of globally inspired desserts that use real milk, eggs, and sugar to create traditional tasting products. New launches include Premium Caramel Flan (4oz singles and 4-pack) and Cinnamon Rice Pudding (4oz singles and 4-pack). 

“We believe that desserts and snacks are the most special part of your day,” said Tom Lazzari, marketing director of Raymundo’s Food Group. “Raymundo’s created this hand-crafted line of traditional desserts because we know that after one bite, you’ll be transported back to the flavors you know and love from your childhood.” 

Raymundo’s Small Batch line will be available this fall, and the 4-pack of the small-batch desserts has a suggested retail price of $2.99.