LAKE SUCCESS, NY — The Feedback Group has released the Grocery Shopper Intention Monitor, a new report tracking expected future grocery shopping trends, both in stores and online, and among specific retailers. 

The report unveiled that four times as many shoppers plan to shop more often in a store in 2021 as those who plan to shop less. 

According to the report, Walmart leads the way with the highest expected shopping ratio (34% more / 11% less), followed by Costco (33% more / 16% less), dollar stores (29% more / 12% less) and grocery stores (28% more / 11% less).  

“As we look forward, our research reveals that many shoppers anticipate returning to shopping in stores for food and groceries across a variety of formats,” said Brian Numainville, a principal with The Feedback Group. “As a result, it is important for stores to provide the best possible experience to welcome food shoppers back and retain them.” 

Meanwhile, 40% of shoppers say they plan to shop more online in the future, while 20% reported that they plan to shop online less. Shoppers at Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh have the strongest intention to continue shopping online, followed by Walmart, Target and Costco customers.  

“As the findings illustrate, Amazon, both with Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh, appear to have the greatest overall momentum in terms of shoppers expecting to use their online services more often,” said Doug Madenberg, Feedback Group principal. “Whole Foods also resonates the strongest among urban and Millennial shoppers, and Amazon Fresh also places in the top group of stores among these shoppers, along with Walmart, Target, Costco, Instacart and Fresh Direct. Absent from the top group are grocery stores, showing that work remains for the channel to continue to strengthen online offerings.”