SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. - Apeel has expanded its partnership network to include more than 20 avocado industry leaders that are using Apeel’s plant-based protection in the United States, Latin America and Europe.  

New partners join Apeel's current global network to provide year-round supply, longer-lasting external and internal quality, and quantifiable sustainability benefits to supply chain stakeholders. In 2020 alone, avocado suppliers using Apeel made a measurable dent in the $2.6 trillion global food waste crisis by preventing at least 5 million avocados from going to waste, with much greater impacts to come in 2021 as a result of this expanded supplier base.  

“This network of sustainability-focused suppliers has become a global force for good in the fight against food waste, unlocking opportunities and efficiencies for everyone while massively cutting waste through the supply chain, at retail and in consumers homes,” said Michael Schaeman, senior vice president of global sales at Apeel. “Our collaboration with these incredible partners to deliver longer-lasting avocados is just the beginning of the benefits this network will be able to extend to their customers.” 

New suppliers such as Chilean grower El Parque and Peruvian grower Agrícola Cerro Prieto provide greater retail access to key growing regions. Household names like Index Fresh, Calavo, Del Monte and West Pak are the most recent to announce the availability of Apeel Avocados in the US, adding to an avocado supplier network that was pioneered with early partners like Horton Fruit Company, Del Rey Avocado and Nature’s Pride.  

Across its avocado programs, Apeel’s retail partners have experienced a 50% reduction in avocado waste and an associated 10% increase in sales on average. With Apeel’s plant-based protection, retailers can see a 23% increase in marketable days for avocados between stages 4 and 5 - representing the ripeness that is most desirable for shoppers.  When a consumer cuts into their Apeel Avocado, they can expect a better eating experience, too. When Apeel is used, 39% more avocados have good internal quality (after 8 - 10 days post-ripening) compared to avocados without Apeel.  

“Once we started carrying 100% Apeel produce in our stores on a consistent basis, things really took off,” said Mike Roberts, director of produce operations at Harps Food Stores. “We were able to see the positive consumer response through the increase in sales.”