PETALUMA, CALIF. - Family-owned Bellwether Farms is introducing hand-dipped Whole Milk Basket Ricotta to Wegmans Food Markets on March 25. 

Bellwether Farms' Whole Milk Basket Ricotta's smooth, creamy, pillowy-soft texture and delicate, slightly sweet flavor make for an indulgent snack, dessert, or the star in a variety of savory and sweet dishes. 

In accordance with Bellwether Farms' motto "whole is better," Bellwether Farms' hand-dipped Whole Milk Basket Ricotta is made from whole, full-fat Jersey cow milk. The Whole Milk Basket Ricotta is housed in its original draining basket, another touch that harkens back to the days of artisanal cheese-production and makes it truly unique, according to the company.    

"We are honored to expand distribution with Wegmans Food Markets especially with our Whole Milk Basket Ricotta," said Liam Callahan, owner of Bellwether Farms. "This is a product we're particularly proud of and has gained incredible momentum over the last year. As a family creamery, we can't think of a better way to head into our 35th anniversary year than to partner with one of the best supermarkets on the east coast and make our products even more easily accessible across the US."