CASTROVILLE, CALIF. - Ocean Mist Farms has launched the third annual Peace, Love & Artichokes winter promotion, which runs through March 15. 

Participants can enter the Peace, Love & Artichokes Sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes. There will be 15 Grand Prize winners who will receive an Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker 7 in 1, and 25 winners who will receive a Peace, Love, & Artichoke Swag Packs. 

"Amidst a year of uncertainty, we're proud to be able to continue to share what's become an annual tradition of the Peace, Love & Artichokes promotion with shoppers," said Diana McClean, senior director of marketing at Ocean Mist Farms. "This promotion gives us an opportunity to discuss the health benefits of artichokes and the status of our winter harvest." 

Artichokes traditionally grow best in a Mediterranean-like climate, as the vegetable requires mild temperatures and plenty of moisture. However, Ocean Mist Farms has honed a desert-grown proprietary seed variety specifically for the Coachella Valley climate. By utilizing Coachella's optimal growing conditions during the winter-to-spring months, Ocean Mist Farms is able to maintain its high-quality standards year-round. 

"We want shoppers to know that our artichokes are grown to deliver consistent flavor as well as premium health benefits," McClean said. "Artichokes contain prebiotic fiber and other immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties that will help you eat well, rest well, and play well in the new year."