CASTROVILLE, CALIF. - Ocean Mist Farms has launched its annual spring promotion highlighting the health and nutrition of its Gold Standard artichokes. April is the peak of spring artichoke production in California. 

“We debated whether now was the right time to run this annual promotion,” said Diana McClean, senior director of marketing at Ocean Mist Farms. “But we have developed a tremendous consumer following that relies on Ocean Mist Farms for fresh vegetable information and meal inspiration every day. So, we decided to highlight the strong immunity boosting nutritional properties of artichokes and encourage consumption now, when maintaining optimum health is critical.” 

The company has a variety of marketing activations centered around the promotion including on-the-packaging messaging and an effort to drive customers to the brand’s artichoke nutrition webpage. Ocean Mist Farms is also hosting a Gold Standard Giveaway from April 13 to May 13, giving participants an opportunity to win one of 20 prizes plus a fresh case of artichokes.