DINUBA, CALIF. - Sumo Citrus anticipates stores to be piled high by early January with the newest crop of Sumo citrus fruit that is just about ready for harvest in California. 

Grown by experts with over a decade of experience, Sumo Citrus originated in Japan in the 1970's where it became known as the "dekopon" in reference to its distinctive top knot. Since then, growers in California have dedicated decades to perfecting the fruit in the United States, leading to its enormous size and incredible taste. 

"A huge amount of hard work and dedication goes into each and every Sumo citrus," said Scott Owens, general manager for Sumo Citrus. "Our expert growers go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality possible and this year is no different." 

Known for its sweetness and texture, Sumo citrus is enormous, easy-to-peel, seedless, and not messy, making for a perfect healthy snack. More than ever before, it's vital to stay healthy this winter season and keep immune systems boosted. As a healthy snack, either at home or on the go, each Sumo citrus packs 163% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C along with 3g of dietary fiber. 

"Every year the hype and anticipation for Sumo citrus season seems to surpass the year before, but this year in particular people seem to be looking for a bright spot and something that brings them joy and comfort,” Owens said. “After months of hard work, we're hoping this crop of Sumo citrus can add a little bit of extra joy for our customers who need it most."