BURBANK, CALIF. - Earthwise Bag Co. is now offering a new reusable bag in partnership with OceanCycle that is made from ocean-bound plastic.  

The bags are made with up to 90% post-consumer plastics that would otherwise end up in oceans and waterways, and each bag is created from material that has been traced through the entire supply chain – from collection to production. 

OceanCycle, founded by Robert Goodwin and Ryan Schoenike, is a social enterprise reimagining the circular economy through sourcing, certifying and reusing materials to prevent ocean plastic pollution. The company’s certified material is being used to produce the OceanWise bags, starting at the collection points, through the recycling process and conversion from flake to pellets.   

"By creating a market for recycled ocean-bound plastics, we are able to incentivize the collection of plastic in countries that lack basic recycling infrastructure to create jobs and generate income which can be used to buy food, pay for education, and save for future needs," said Ryan Schoenike, OceanCycle co-founder.  

The large format bags provide plenty of packing space. Each one features a beach-related theme with messaging that encourages everyone to help keep SoCal beaches pristine by reducing plastic pollution.  

"Albertsons was our very first retail partner going back to 2005,” said Steven Batzofin, general manager and co-founder of Earthwise. “Being the first retailer in the USA to offer a $0.99 reusable bag, Albertsons has demonstrated their long-standing commitment to sustainable products.  We are very excited to debut the OceanWise bags in Albertsons banners across Southern California.”