SAN FRANCISCO – A new digital grocer trying to reinvent the supermarket model with local delivery of products from local suppliers, Buffalo Market, has opened its first operation in San Francisco. The digital retailer offers free delivery for 100% organic, farm-fresh products. 

"Buffalo Market's mission is to fundamentally transform the American grocery by focusing on freshness," said Adam Olejniczak, chief executive officer of Buffalo Market. "Improving existing grocery store models by focusing on farm freshness may sound like it increases costs, but it actually does the opposite.”  

Buffalo Market receives produce around 2 a.m. each morning and delivers it to customers later that same morning, the company said. This results in fresh produce, lower costs, and better value for all involved. This model is designed to cut back on food waste. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council one in seven truckloads of fresh food delivered to supermarkets is thrown away. 

The digital grocer relies on a social contract with customers to create savings, asking customers to order one day ahead of time. This allows the retailer to know exactly how much food to order from local sources daily, reducing waste.