WEBSTERVILLE, VT. - Vermont Creamery has officially declared the start of the holiday season and launched plans to spread ‘cheese and cheer’ with inspired homemade recipe, craft and gifting ideas. 

“Vermont Creamery has long been at the heart of holiday meals and celebrations, and while this year will look a little different, it can remain just as magical,” said Adeline Druart, president of Vermont Creamery. "This is a year when we all need a little more cheer; let’s embrace the holiday spirit that begins at home, with recipes made together, gifts crafted by hand, and delicious food that’s prepared with love and shared with community, family, and friends.” 

To kick off the season, fans can enter to win a Homemade Holidays Baker’s Box full of Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter and Crème Fraîche, the highly versatile, decadent and essential items at the center of every holiday baker’s ingredient list, and accompanied by a selection of favorite ingredients, cookie cutters in the shape of cows and goats, and more.  

 Vermont Creamery has tasked their expert team of cooking and baking influencers to deliver a curated collection of unique dishes to delight and inspire its broad social audiences across all platforms. Follow along on Instagram @vermontcreamery.  

The cheesemaker has also joined forces with Sweet Paul magazine to develop a collection of warm and whimsical crafts that can be tackled with kids, gifted to loved ones or simply enjoyed at home.