DALLAS - Avocados From Mexico (AFM) has launched Avo University, the avocado industry's first educational guide and certification program designed specifically for retail and foodservice professionals.  

Online and free of charge, Avo University takes approximately half an hour to complete. Topics covered in the online class include information on blooms, how to receive and store avocados, sizing, ripening, proper temperature levels and product merchandising strategies. The curriculum helps dispel common misperceptions about avocados and offers tips and techniques to maximize avocado sales and reduce shrinkage.  

"Avo University is a first-of-its-kind certification program specific to industry professionals," said Stephanie Bazan, vice president of trade and market development for Avocados From Mexico. "Right now, education is one of the top purchase barriers in the category. This innovative solution offers our retail partners best-in-class category and product knowledge to support their operations and influence the shopper journey. Ultimately, Avo University creates value by driving demand and consumption." 

In retail, Avo University is designed for corporate category managers, produce store associates, wholesalers, and grocery e-commerce professionals. Participants will learn: 

  • How to determine when avocados are ready to eat, based on factors such as blooming, sizing and ripeness 

  • Techniques to maximize avocado freshness and usage, so shoppers can purchase avocados with confidence 

  • The journey an avocado takes on its way to market 

  • Suggested merchandising strategies to help retailers move volume in-store 

  • Tips to share with staff and customers on selecting ready-to-eat avocados  

The Avo University curriculum also addresses what makes premium-quality AFM avocados so in demand, as well as brand partnership opportunities with AFM. To get started visit AvoEasy.com, or to learn more about the Avo University certification and how to partner with AFM contact [email protected]