WINNECONNE, WIS. - Multi-Conveyor has added multiple sanitary, precision timed, semi-automatic hand pack conveyor lines that ultimately feed labelers and metal detection systems to the company’s product lineup. 

Six straight, running plastic belt conveyors allow a customer-supplied tray denesting machine to dispense single lane empty plastic food trays onto an indexing conveyor where operators manually fill.  Sensors are provided for tray positioning for manual and alternate automatic tray filling.  

The fully-welded sanitary wash down constructed system includes toolless removable stainless-steel shelving for product storage containers that are easily positioned for operators to slide bulk food directly into clamshell style trays for manual lid closure. Trays then convey to a labeler infeed using a nose bar transfer, then move to a reduced speed metal detector conveyor.  

Other features incorporated with these systems include manual belt lifts, slotted clean out holes for cleaning and maintenance.