WINNECONNE, WIS. — Multi-Conveyor’s newest innovation is a modular retractable and straight running conveyor system to transport two lanes of flexible packaged product that discharges from a check-weigher through an incorporated metal detection system.

When the reject-fault-alarm system senses metal on either of the two simultaneous running lanes of thermoformed food product, the pneumatically actuated discharge end will extend or retract allowing both lanes of product to be rejected or continue concurrently.

“We’re taking the product from a wide format center-to-center, from conveyor to conveyor, off of a dual-lane check-weigher, that needs a little more room for the load cells,” said Jerry Kasmiskie of PB&J Packaging, a Multi-Conveyor rep. “Going through a metal detector to inspect the product for metal contamination, and if the metal detector senses the contamination, there’s a reject signal that is timed as far as where it retracts and how long it retracts for the duration to dump out the product from both lanes at the same time.”

Using demo trays with randomly placed pieces of metal, users can see the uncontaminated trays proceed while metal-sensed trays are retracted and rejected off the line for further inspection. The pneumatically actuated discharge end extends or retracts 12”, rejecting both lanes of product.

The stainless-steel hygienic conveyor’s safety shield cover is manually placed into position during operation and is easily removed for operator equipment access.