Elevate your entertaining skills this holiday season by preparing a cheeseboard, showcasing Grand Cru.  This cheese will take any holiday tablescape to a whole new level.  By combining the finest Wisconsin milk and crafting in authentic copper vats, we’ve created an original Alpine-style cheese unmatched in America. Careful crafting brings out light floral notes, nutty undertones, a hint of fruitiness and a mellow finish. Perhaps that’s why Grand Cru has been awarded year after year by the American Cheese Society and at the World Cheese Awards. Try all or one of our Grand Cru cheeses this holiday.

Grand Cru Original is our signature cheese. It’s made with the freshest milk in imported copper vats and aged in our cellars for at least four months. Robust and full-bodied, this award-winning cheese melts beautifully to become a cook’s best friend.  Pairs well with almonds, grapes, or fig preserves and is great when accompanied with a white dessert wine (Riesling or Muscat) or a bock or amber beer.

Our Grand Cru Reserve is handcrafted in some of the finest and largest copper vats in the country. We hand-select wheels of Grand Cru Original for additional aging in our cellars. Only after six to nine months will we bring the bold and savory taste to you. Grand Cru Reserve pairs wonderfully with apricots (fresh, dried or preserved) and is enhanced in flavor when enjoyed with a Riesling or Gewürztraminer or a bock beer or IPA.

Grand Cru Surchoix is a washed-rind Alpine-style cheese is the best of our best. Only a few wheels of Grand Cru meet the stringent requirements of our cellarmasters to become Surchoix. The deep and complex flavor makes it the centerpiece of any cheeseboard. Grand Cru Surchoix pairs well with hazelnuts, almonds and fig preserves and is great when accompanied by a late harvest Riesling or a porter or stout.