ATLANTA – Reusable packaging and supply chain solutions company Tosca has rolled out an RPC solution for shipping packaged perishables in the rapidly growing fresh kitchens, grab-and-go prepared foods and in-store meal kits segment. 

The Fresh Kitchens RPC is versatile enough for shipping foods and clamshell cases of all sizes. The crate is strong enough to protect from damage and spills and purpose-built for fast handling and uniform stacking. 

Fresh kitchens use RPCs like a shopping cart – picking and fulfilling daily orders of everything from sandwiches and salads to fruit cups and veggie trays for grocery chains, coffee shops and convenience stores. 

“This is a high-growth, high-speed grocery segment,” said Jon Kalin, chief commercial officer for Tosca. “Prepared food shipments run daily – and no two are the same. Retailers and food preparers are looking for the same thing: durable containers that arrive extremely clean and on-time.”