CINCINNATI - The Kroger Co. is rolling out its Simple Truth Recycling Program, offering customers a free and simple way to recycle the flexible packaging of more than 300 products from natural and organic brand Simple Truth. 

Developed in partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle, Kroger's new platform enables customers to recycle a wide range of flexible packaging not currently accepted in curbside recycling programs, including produce bags, bread bags and plastic overwrap from household items like tissues and bottled water.  

The Simple Truth Recycling Program marks a significant milestone for Kroger's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social impact plan and, according to the company, establishes Kroger as the first Fortune 25 retailer to offer a free recycling program for its own private-label brand.  

"A key part of achieving our ambitious Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision is offering our customers innovative solutions to recycle and reuse product packaging," said Keith Dailey, group vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer. "We're thrilled to partner with TerraCycle to launch our new Simple Truth Recycling Program, supporting our sustainable packaging goals and enabling Kroger customers to recycle their favorite Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products without ever leaving home." 

The Simple Truth recycling program works like this:  

  • Customers sign up at 

  • Customers collect Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic flexible plastic packaging (bags, pouches, liners and wraps) 

  • Customers ship the packaging to TerraCycle using a free, prepaid shipping label 

  • Customers earn points for every pound of eligible packaging sent 

  • Customers redeem points as donations to charitable organizations