FAIRFIELD, NJ – Aiming to support small businesses that were affected by the riots across the country stemming from the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, Crispy Green is offering up to three months of free-fill inventory to affected retailers.

“The events happening in the last week sadden me greatly in many respects,” said Angela Liu, chief executive officer and found of Crispy Green. “I felt that a part of my humanity was ripped out of me when I watched George Floyd’s arrest video. I had a dark and uneasy feeling that the reactions to George Floyd’s killing would be raw and there would be massive protests in the country.”

“If the situation was not handled properly, it could go bad and become chaotic because there was already so much pent up anger, frustration and despair caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But the scenes of the riots and destruction were a lot more than I could have imagined — especially seeing businesses, many of them small shops, being burned to the ground broke my heart.”

Liu asked that any independent businesses who sell Crispy Green products contact the company at [email protected] and Crispy Green will assist them free-fill. The company has also donated to the Lift Fund, which supports small businesses across the United States.