Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has launched a series of online savings calculators for the soups, sauces and dressings producers. These new calculators have been introduced to demonstrate significant cost savings when reducing or replacing ingredients such as egg or oil with Ingredion’s innovative ingredient solutions.  

Ingredion introduced these calculators as a way to showcase how the company is innovating to help manufacturers address the rising costs of raw materials as well as consumer demand for better-for-you products, including reduced fat and lower calorie products.

For example, up to 14% savings may be achieved when reducing vegetable oil from 45% to 33% in a salad dressing. For a manufacturer producing 50 million pounds of dressing, the cost savings could amount to approximately $1,200,000/year.  And over 25% cost savings can potentially be achieved when eliminating eggs from spoonable dressings to allow allergen-free claims. For a manufacturer producing 50 million pounds of dressings, the cost savings could amount to approximately $1,700,000/year.

These calculations are based on available industry ingredient costs at the time of publication.  Costs for individual companies could vary from these estimates.

“The savory savings calculators demonstrate our unique ability to couple innovative ingredients with technical, applications and sensory expertise to deliver a product that will meet consumer taste and texture expectations,” said Angelina de Castro, savory marketing manager with Ingredion Incorporated.
“In some instances, ingredients are reduced or replaced to improve nutritional quality, such is the case with reducing fat/oils or, to remove allergens, eliminating eggs from dressings, both of which are examples of how Ingredion can help support our customers in their efforts to achieve their particular goals while  maximize margins. “

Ingredion’s texturizing solutions deliver a broad range of sensory and functional performance characteristics that can be used to complement or replace those provided in higher cost ingredients, whether the goal is pulpy texture in tomato sauces, a high degree of creaminess in reduced fat dressings or high stabilizing properties for reduced egg or egg-free dressings.

To learn more about Ingredion’s new savory cost reduction calculators, contact Ingredion at 866-961-6285 or visit