WATSONVILLE, CALIF. - Driscoll’s announced the launch of Berry Big Strawberries, larger sized strawberries with the same flavor as regular-sized berries. 

The limited-quantity non-GMO strawberries are ready to give consumers multiple juicy bites and are packaged in a single-layer, 18-ounce corrugated package that is 100% recyclable, with recycling information including on the label. 

“We spent more than a year in consumer research to crystalize new usage occasions and understand the ways consumers want to enjoy strawberries,” said Naomi Sakoda, product marketing manager of Driscoll’s. “Consumers clearly expressed that naturally big fruit encourages more dipping, slicing, dicing, filling and sharing.  We are confident that Berry Big Strawberries meet a unique marketplace need and that our product strategy is directly translated from what the consumer wants.” 

The new strawberries are out in time for National Strawberry Month in May. The suggested retail price of the fruit is $4.99.