KANSAS CITY, MO. - Many grocers are installing transparent shields known as sneeze-guards in checkout lanes to protect cashiers and consumers from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), and there are a handful companies that can help grocers set up the shields. 

Refrigeration and HVAC services company CoolSys, Brea, Calif., is providing installation of plexiglass protective panels at check-out counters in grocery stores, restaurants and other essential businesses. 

“During this challenging time, we are doing whatever we can to respond to the needs of our customers to prevent transmission of COVID-19,” said Adam Coffey, chief executive officer of CoolSys. “By installing sneeze guard plexiglass panels at the point of purchase, retail stores can add another layer of safety and peace of mind for customers and employees.” 

Another company, Tooling Tech Group, Macomb, Mich., announced the availability of its FRONTLINE customized transparent barrier protection for quick installation at cash register stations of customer service counters.  

The FRONTLINE barriers are made from plexiglass and are designed to stop potential virus transmission through droplets caused from coughing and sneezing. The barriers act as a physical layer of protection between employees and customers during transactions. 

“Although the CDC guidelines recommends a distance of 6-feet between people, that is often not possible, particularly during check-out situations,” said Lee Childers, chief executive officer of Tooling Tech Group. “Our FRONTLINE solution enables companies to get the right-sized shielding built and installed on their premises in a very short time frame.” 

The FRONTLINE Barriers are customizable and available here