ARLINGTON, VA. - Reeling from the onset of coronavirus (COVID-19), American consumers have had to quickly adjust to a new reality, setting a slew of new trends along the way. In partnership with The Hartman Group, FMI – The Food Industry Association conducted online surveys March 21-26 to track some of those trends.  

The results from the surveys are compiled in an initial report, U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends COVID-19 Tracker, March 21-26, 2020. One key finding in the report is that 77% of consumers have made a change in the way they shop, with online shopping experiencing significant growth. 

The report finds US consumers are highly concerned about COVID-19 and have experienced significant disruptions to their lives and households. Consumers are now more dependent on online grocery shopping pick-up and delivery services, with many shoppers using online grocery services for the first time.  

Shoppers are also praising the way grocers have responded the COVID-19, with 65% of consumers rating their primary store 8-out-of-10 or higher. However, consumers are concerned about out-of-stock items and worry about getting ill from other shoppers, store surfaces and employees. 

From this first wave of research, the report provides information about initial reactions to the COVID-19 crisis from consumers. FMI and The Hartman Group will be conducting bi-weekly surveys over the coming weeks to get a better sense of how this pandemic continues to and may be permanently impacting consumer behavior.  

The full initial report is available now for free and can be accessed here