NEW YORK – Data forecasting company, Crisp, has developed a new tool that uses real-time European consumer date to help US grocers and food manufacturers predict consumer behaviors resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country.  

Because European countries were impacted by COVID-19 for up to four weeks before the United States, Crisp’s DemandWatch modeler can enable US retailers and suppliers forecast consumer demand in the coming weeks. The tool allows users to identify categories of food that experienced greater or lesser demand and modify their supply chain and capacity to meet the demand for those categories in the United States. 

“By working with our European customers, we are modeling customer buying behaviors in real time,” said Are Traasdahl, co-founder and chief-executive officer of Crisp. “Having this data available and knowing that US behavior is following European behavior at a two to four-week time span is critical for US grocers and food manufacturers as they try to predict demand for categories of food and grocery products, restock shelves and meet the needs of citizens.” 

DemandWatch is available for free to grocers, retailers, suppliers and other organizations along the supply chain here