TUALATIN, OR - Culinary Tides, Inc. is releasing its Shifting Sand Forecast: Trends Shaping the Food & Beverage Industry in 2020/21 on March 25. 

The report predicts government, technology, health, consumer, travel, beverage and flavor and cuisine trends. Culinary Tides said that as part of its ongoing work, the company has been tracking political and economic unease in the US and around the world well before the onset of coronavirus (COVID-19).  

The spread of COVID-19 has caused the amplification and acceleration of the trends the report predicts for the upcoming year, but pandemics can affect the shaping of and alter the trajectory of already identified trends.  

“It can be difficult to know which trends are most likely to rise above the noise over the next 12 months as the situation is still very much in flux,” said Culinary Tides, Inc. “It can be even more confusing trying to decide which will resonate most with your brand and customers. This report’s forecasts offer insight into how and why the current climate will affect trends for 2020/21. We help you navigate, trend by trend, what to expect during the immediacy of this crisis and what the long-term effects could be in shaping the future of these trends.” 

The report cross-analyzes 214 prediction lists for 2020 put forth by 162 industry experts. All trends in the report are expected to remain relevant throughout 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021. 

The full report costs $2,995 if ordered before March 25. Learn more here