Stemilt Growers and the Produce for Better Health Foundation have partnered on a pop-out merchandising display feature the foundation’s Have A Plant consumer message.

The display, an industry first, is a 3D tree designed to help retailers increase apple display sets while also utilizing high-graphic cartons that the fruit ships in, or a Stemilt pop-up merchandising bin.

Launching in March, the pop-out orchard display will help retailers promote multiple varieties of apples at once. The tree makes a great merchandising piece for three upcoming events happening around plants and nutrition, says Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s senior marketing manager: March’s National Nutrition Month, Earth Day on April 22nd, and Family Wellness Month in May. The Have a Plant logo and a call-to-action for consumers to eat more apples as part of the growing trend of eating plants are both focal points of the colorful display.

“We’re big supporters of PBH’s strategic transformation and the new Have a Plant call-to-action,” Shales says. “The pop-out orchard display joins many other Stemilt marketing activities that will help consumers know and recall Have a Plant. Apples are an ideal #haveaplant food choice to include as part of a fruit and veggie filled lifestyle that leaves you feeling happy and energized.”

The pop-out orchard display was designed with merchandising flexibility in mind. It easily tucks behind DRCs or standard cartons that Stemilt fruit ships in. The display also works with the company’s pop-up display bin options and easy pallet displays. They can help promote bulk or bagged fruit, or a combination of both.