Perdue Premium Meat Co. has completed a $29 million expansion of its Sioux City, Iowa, harvest facility.

Upgrades include state of the art equipment, innovative new case-ready offers, as well as new benefits to support employee wellbeing and the environment.

“This expansion of the PPMC processing facility builds on our 20-year leadership in the custom pork processing business,” says Gary Malenke, senior vice president of Perdue Premium Pork Operations. “The growth allows for new case-ready production that will allow for exciting new options for our customers looking to have their products stand out on the shelf.”

The facility is 100% wind powered and uses a closed-loop wastewater system that is filtered and recycled to provide beneficial nutrients for local farmland. Additionally, the Certified Humane® plant prioritizes humane animal care, incorporating several practices that go above and beyond industry standards, including a live video feed that is monitored by a third party.


The plant expansion will allow for the company to not only harvest the livestock, but also break down and package the products so they are case-ready, including ground pork, pork chops, and other products, according to Perdue. “This streamlined process will improve efficiencies and create a simpler process for both the plant and its customers. Additionally, the new plant will have innovative new equipment for case ready products including Dar-Fresh on Board and Tray, a new high-performance package that provides longer shelf life, improved product presentation and recyclable components.”


The plant’s improvements also include enhanced associate safety features and expanded employee wellness programs. These include a new on-site wellness center for associates, a new training center for staff, improved ergonomic equipment and an expanded cafeteria.