Ventura Foods offers its Classic Gourmet line of high-performance, premium mayonnaises, perfect for all hot and cold applications. Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise can be used as a one-to-one replacement for the nation’s leading consumer-recognized brands and is up to 20% less expensive. It offers the same flavor, texture and appearance with superior holding power.


Mayonnaise is an American staple for sandwiches, salads and dips. It ranks number two of the top condiments used on the menu behind ranch dressing and the number one condiment used within the burger/sandwich segment with foodservice operators purchasing over a billion pounds each year. As new and unique flavors have become a greater expectation of customers’ condiments, mayonnaise is an excellent base to offer affordable ways to add new twists and flavors to traditional dishes.


Flavored mayonnaise varieties are on the rise, growing 37.8% over the last five years and 11.3% in 2013 alone. Savory mayonnaises like chipotle, pesto and Cajun are appearing on menus across the country, adding a spicy, herby or zesty kick to popular sandwiches. The addition of flavor to mayonnaise is simple and adds complex flavor and depth to many popular menu items.


Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise offers patron appeal—rated as “equally preferred” to the leading consumer-recognized mayonnaise brands for overall liking flavor and thickness. It is available in Classic Gourmet Extra Heavy, Real and Extra Heavy Real.


For more information on Classic Gourmet® Mayonnaise, visit or call 877-VENTURA.