Oakland, New Jersey-based Amerlux announced its new supermarket lighting system that it says changes along with the aisles in a store.

The Cadence system allows stores to easily change the location of the light source without the help of an electrician, according to the company. The system's attachments snap in and out. The company says the system is a response to increased competition from online retailers and dollar stores, which means supermarkets need a lighting solution that allows them to accommodate the shrinking aisles that make way for more fresh food.

“Cadence provides ultimate flexibility to ever-changing store designs without added labor costs,” says Chuck Campagna, Amerlux's president. “Thanks to its innovative design, it delivers fast installation as quick as an express checkout line.”

Cadence provides batwing aisle distribution, focused open-case distribution, general ambience distribution and a track lighting section that incorporates accent lighting to create heightened attention for high-margin products.

The company says the system also features a unique trunking system that is pre-wired with two circuits, as well as an emergency circuit.