Waddington North America, a Novolex brand, has updated its line of silver-look cutlery with the Reflections Renew line, made with 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

The patented Reflections cutlery was the first line with silver-look technology to be introduced into the market. Now, the Reflections Renew line is made from FDA-compliant resin that includes PCR content and is recyclable where facilities exist.

“Reflections has always been the premier choice for anyone seeking an elegant, sophisticated look for their disposable cutlery,” says Jennifer Heller, vice president of marketing for WNA. “Now we’re offering Reflections Renew with all the benefits and advantages of our original cutlery but with a smaller environmental footprint.” 

The company says it uses a stainless-steel coating rather than an aluminum coating because it offers the best combination of coating durability, appearance and safety when used with a variety of foods.