Cookies, cakes and cupcakes represent top-selling categories during the upcoming holiday season. To be prepared, you need the right decorating tools and equipment to ensure you are maximizing profitability through efficient production methods. Having decorators spend hours on intricate, trendy designs can prove costly to your bottom line. Decorating tools are here to help.

Mini desserts, for example, are gaining widespread popularity. A new tool from New York Cake is the Mini Fashionista Cookie Cutter Set, also available in regular size. These fashion cutter sets are made of plastic approved for food use. The sets may be used for cookies, fondant, gumpaste, chocolate modeling paste, marzipan and more. Cutters include a stiletto high heel, perfume bottle, ladies’ dress and designer purse.

To create sharp edges in your designs, CafeSafe has added three new patterns of its popular Cake Combs. Belly’s Bake Shop, a custom confection studio in Rowlett, Texas, uses Cake Combs to help design one-of-a-kind cakes. Pastry chef and founder Courtney Armstrong designs decorative cake gems, stars and other intricate shapes for her amazing letter cakes and other creations.

From Unifiller, the All-In-One Decorating System, CakeStation, enables bakeries to deposit batter, assemble cakes, mid-fill, ice tops and sides of cakes and decorate with rosettes or borders — all on one machine. The CakeStation repeatedly and consistently deposits icing regardless of product type, batch or deposit speed. Increase portion accuracy to reduce product waste and control raw ingredient costs.

The Somerset CDR-500F is an ideal fondant and dough sheeter for bakeries, donut shops, pizzerias or any foodservice operation that needs high-volume, dependable performance. With production capabilities of 500-600 sheets per hour, the CDR-500F sheets virtually every type of dough, regardless of consistency, to a uniform thickness in seconds.

PreGel America just made it easier for artisan chefs to upgrade delectable pastry and frozen dessert menu options. New PreGel crumbOlé are versatile, crunchy, and delicious ready-to-use crumbles, perfect for enhancing sweet applications in gelato and pastry. Use as mouthwatering decor, or as a crunchy base or insert for gelato cakes and semifreddi. Flavors are available in Cacoa, Otto Caramel (Cookie Butter), and Classic (Sweet Vanilla and Almond).

According to the Technomic Dessert Consumer Trend Report, 46% of those surveyed prefer desserts they enjoyed as children. Those childhood memories can be reinterpreted with fresh takes on classic desserts. Further, Nielsen reports pies are continuing to show growth in bakery, with mini pies and open pies as key drivers in the category. Pies are the perfect showcase for season fillings.

From Lawrence Foods, Orchard Fresh Cobbler Fillings are made with the highest quality fruits. The slurry is carefully formulated to accentuate and protect the natural fruit flavor. Fillings are sealed in high density barrier pouches to extend shelf life. Each Cobbler Kit comes packaged with all the ingredients to create six pans of comfort food at its finest.

From Bakon USA, OCF refrigerated displays bring cake and dessert creations to a new level of presentation and freshness, while allowing you to create a unique visual experience for your customers. Online shopping keeps growing, but customers want to enjoy their shopping experience and visit amazing stores.