Greenhouse vegetable industry leader Sunset is helping kids gear up for the new school year with its new line of lunchbox-worthy snacking vegetables.

Sprinkles™ Tiny Mighty Tomatoes™ and Qukes™ Tiny Mighty Cucumbers™ are the newest bite-sized offerings from the company.

Sprinkles™ are a unique micro-grape tomato that explodes with sweet flavor, according to the company. The multi-colored fruit is sold in a tomato-inspired package. Qukes™, the new smaller-than-mini cucumbers, pack refreshing flavor and a surprising crunch.

“Sprinkles™ & Qukes™ combine premium produce with convenience and are designed to meet growing consumer and retailer demand for exciting vegetable snacking solutions,” says Paul Mastronardi, president and CEO of Mastronardi Produce, which markets under the Sunset brand.

The Sprinkles package was designed to hold the perfect amount of tomatoes for a salad and is available to retailers with a custom clip-strip to hang in the salad section, helping to cue this incremental usage opportunity.

“Demand for these products has been tremendous,” says Mastronardi. “Our first crop of Sprinkles is fully sold out and we have more acreage planned in order to meet the requests of our customers.”

Sprinkles are available in a 3.5-ounce package, and Qukes come in two sizes: a 1lb. family-size clam and a 12-ounce topseal tray.