Cherry industry leader Stemilt Growers is gearing up for a big crop of late-season Half Mile Closer to the Moon cherries and encouraging its retail partners to promote the variety aggressively.

Stemilt’s moon cherries are hand-picked, premium, high quality cherries grown at elevations 2,640 feet and higher. This summer, Stemilt is encouraging retailers to go big on Moon cherries sales with the help of Stemilt’s various consumer efforts, including their national holiday, National Chant at the Moon Day and direct-to-consumer activity to further help these amazing cherries sell at stores.

“Moon cherry harvest is starting the first week of August at Amigos Orchards in Wenatchee, Washington and we are excited about our plans for the cherry season finale,” says Brianna Shales, Stemilt communications manager. “Amigos has the perfect climate for growing late-season cherries. The locale is ideal because the days aren’t as hot as other locales and it cools off at night, helping fourth generation grower, Kyle Mathison, grow firm, large and super-sweet cherries.”

Beyond locale and climate, Mathison also likes to align his cherry harvest with the days leading up to the full moon, which this year will occur on Aug. 15. Mathison has found the extra gravitational pull from a full moon enhances nutrient delivery from the root of the trees to the fruit hanging from its branches. This extra gravitational pull results in harvesting fruit with high sugars, acids, aromatics and ends in a phenomenal eating experience.

“Moon cherries are a great differentiator at retail and proven way to end the cherry season on a high note,” Shales says. “The packaging and mystical story of these cherries highlight the quality inside and the unmatched passion of Kyle, who is the ‘Cherry King’ who’s farmed for four decades.”